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Live like a movie star in a Mykonos villa

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The lifestyle of the rich and the famous has always fascinated and excited us, which is why tabloids sell so many copies each and every day and why shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” are so popular. Now, we might claim that we don’t always agree with the luxurious way celebrities live and what they do with their time and money, but deep inside, we would all like to experience firs hand what it feels like to live like a celebrity. This is one of the reasons why Mykonos is such a popular vacation destination.

Mykonos is a small island in the Aegean sea in Greece. It is relatively close to the capital city of Athens and unlike most of Greece’s tourist destinations, it is not known for its archaeological sites and museums. Mykonos is famous all over the world for its nightclubs, dance parties and beach bars, which is why despite being absolutely tiny; it attracts millions of people each and every summer.

Many international celebrities happen to be among those millions of visitors. From Hollywood superstars and pop stars to Victoria’s Secret angels and from Arab princes to business tycoons, Mykonos seems to be a favorite destination of famous people each summer. Furthermore, many stars, including Madonna, actually own property on the island, which shows how much they love it.

So, if you would like to experience a slice of the life of the rich and the famous, then visiting Mykonos is way easier than recording a golden album, starting an ultra successful start-up or becoming a movie star. Going to the same clubs and rubbing shoulders with celebrities on the streets however is not the same as living like them, for the full “experience”, you need to live like one and this is Mykonos has you covered.

Live like a star in Mykonos luxury villas

All those stats visiting Mykonos need places to stay in and hotel rooms just won’t cut it. Even the presidential suites of the best 5 star hotels in the world can’t provide the kind of luxury and privacy that a star is looking for while on vacation. For this reason, Mykonos is full of villas that can be rented out to various celebrities and their entourage and to anyone else with a wallet big enough to afford them. In other words, you don’t have to actually be a movie or pop star in order to stay in a villa, you just need to be able to pay the rate and this is not as tricky as it sounds.

Splitting the bill

The best way for us commoners to experience the luxurious life of a movie star, is to rent a villa, like we said earlier. However, these can be a little difficult to afford for one person, which is why you should gather some likeminded friends, book a villa large enough to accommodate you and split the cost equally between you. Sure, at the end the stay at a villa might still cost a bit more than a hotel stay, but it will be an experience that you will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Amazing luxury

What will make the stay in a Mykonos villa so memorable though? Well, first of all, there is nothing like having a huge private property and a gorgeous villa all to yourselves. Furthermore, almost all Mykonos villas come with amazing interior design and state of the art home equipment. Also, most villas also come fully staffed, which means that you can have butlers, maids and professional chefs at your beck and call during your stay. What more could you ask for to spend your vacation like a king?

Getting married in Mykonos like a royal by renting a villa

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Getting Married in Mykonos

More or less we all know or heard stories about Mykonos. The idyllic Greek island located in the island group of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. We all also know that Mykonos holds a mythic reputation about its sophisticated nightlife with the notorious around the clock parties that take place in its world renowned beach bars and its mega clubs.

If you are a heavy party goer, then Mykonos is the place for you. The Island of the Winds though, is not a destination only for those who just like to party hard. Traditionally, it also constitutes an ideal destination for honeymooners. It is also worth stressing at this point that Mykonos, with its inclusive atmosphere is getting all the more popular among the gay community when it comes homosexual honeymooners as well. The free and the absolutely safe environment are the key characteristics that render the island a great option for both gay and straight couples.

Apart from the aforementioned facts, another trend is gradually getting all the more a great deal of attention. First things first, Mykonos may be the smallest Cycladic island, but at the same time its cosmopolitan lifestyle, its majestic natural beauty, its rich history, its picturesque villages, and its unique architectural treasures make it a mythical destination. For all these reasons, Mykonos is getting popularity as an ideal destination for weddings.

Just imagine to exchange your vows with your loved one within that ambience of elegance. Thus, the island creates the perfect environment for a dream wedding, worthy of your expectations, and suitable for unforgettable memories. Of course don’t forget to share that special day with your loved ones on social media, like Facebook or Instagram, so you can share your happiness with the ones that care about you.

Of course there are many details that have to be arranged in order to have the perfect wedding like the one of your dreams. Namely, the design and styling of the wedding, the venue, the food, the wedding cake, the flowers, the guests’ accommodation, and their transportation. To help you planning all that there are a number of agencies available.
Let us though explore the basic wedding styles that the couples that choose to marry in Mykonos mostly prefer.

The small and romantic wedding

There are some couples that are looking for the perfect charming spot for their wedding, in order to share the ultimate romantic experience. That very concept is among the most popular ones. Mykonos is the right place for this kind of wedding. The narrow alleys in the Mykonos Town with the colorful bougaivilleas around and the small churches create an idyllic place for a small romantic ceremony. The criteria for that are also fully met by the unique and picturesque small Mykonian villages.

The large and luxurious wedding

In contrast to the previous concept, the large and luxurious wedding is another requirement made by couples. This type of wedding is less popular and is asked for mostly by the rich and famous, as its cost is immense. Nevertheless, Mykonos, which is well known for its luxurious services, constitutes the perfect place for this particular type of wedding as well. If you want your wedding day to be as special as it can possible be, you should definitely consider renting one of the best luxury villas in Mykonos and it’s guaranteed that you will remember this day for the rest of your life.

The beach wedding

By far the most fashionable type of ceremony is the beach wedding. It’s a timeless trend that is getting all the more popular throughout the years. Especially young couples, irrespective of their economic status prefer this concept for its freshness and informality.

It is worth stressing that one of the best places that can cover all the aforementioned wedding concepts is a Mykonian villa. The island includes a great variety of luxury villas in the best spots, whether that is on the beach, or with a sunset view, or on a cliff. No matter how you have envisioned your marriage in Mykonos, there is the perfect villa to host your dream wedding. Of course, everything said in this post applies to Santorini as well, since they are both two of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Nightlife Mykonos

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Perhaps the most important reasons someone chooses the island of Mykonos for vacation is the crazy spree, the endless parties and the ideal conditions of luxury for you, your company or your partner !!!

We made this Blog so that we can gather the most of the island’s mustaches and a wealth of accommodation options …

The island of Mykonos is the best !!! You have to visit it once in your life …